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Amaravati: From master planning to project management

i1 2019 surbana jurong is project management consultant to amaravatis smart city mission

Surbana Jurong continues its work on Amaravati, a city in southeast India, this time as project management for its smart city proposals.

Surbana Jurong has expanded its involvement with the growth and development of Amaravati, the capital city of Andhra Pradesh state in India, this time as Project Management Consultant (PMC). This follows the successful delivery of three master plans for the city in 2014.

As PMC, Surbana Jurong will steer Amaravati in its mission to become a smart city. Surbana Jurong will partner PricewaterhouseCoopers in areas such as project planning, conceptualising, structuring, designing, budgeting, costing, tendering, supervision, QA-QC activities, monitoring and evaluation, and reporting and coordination. The proposal includes 35 individual area-based and pan city-based projects, covering an area of approximately 186.5 sq km and including 22km of streetscapes, 15 junctions, three parks and three public plaza projects.

Of the 100 smart cities identified by the Indian government for development, Amaravati is the only greenfield one, providing a unique opportunity for Surbana Jurong to define the cityscape from scratch, starting with creating the master plan for the city two years prior. The project’s duration is three years starting from October 2018.

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